Thursday, January 26, 2006

parents, school and children

Can anyone explain why parents think that school is supposed to do all of the educating that their child needs so they don't have to do anything?

I can't understand why a mother lets her child run the house before he or she goes to preschool and then expects the school to teach the child how to behave.

The school's responsibility is to teach the child the correct behavior for school. It is NOT - and I repeat NOT - the responsibility of the school to make up for the deficit of a lazy parent who doesn't want to take the time to teach correct behavior.If they want the kids to be good at home and respect their siblings and family members someone at home has to teach them. Do parents expect the teachers and the school system to do it for them?

Another thing that ticks me off. People who say:"Religion is a lie and hypocricy. So I won't make my child learn any of that religion stuff."

Yeah, ok. So I want to ask them, " Do you teach them ANYTHING about morals? Do you teach them anything about right and wrong? Do you teach them about not stealing, and not lying? Do you teach them how and why it hurts you and others? How about civic responsibility? Or do you just teach them that they deserve to be treated fairly and no one is fair if they don't get what they want?"

What I see kids learning lately is selfishness. Thank God they haven't expected the schools to teach THAT.

Do you teach them about self sacrifice? Compromise?

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