Monday, January 02, 2006

a promise is a promise, right?

So our comes the old 9/11 rhetoric again.

This time "w" wants to remind us that he made a promise to keep Americans safe. So that means that 9/11 and his promise give him the right to do domestic spying?

Hey, why should I believe that when he took an OATH that he isn't living up to. Yeah, an oath. One of those promises made to God, sworn on the Holy Bible in front of the Capitol Building and all that. You know " protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God."

Yeah, like that promise meant a lot to him.

"W" has called the Constitution that "peice of paper", so I guess by his actions the oath does not count because the Bible is just a book.

Every time the president evokes 9/11 as a justification for his actions I want to scream "LIAR!" Any sentence from his mouth that uses 9/11 as an excuse or a shield means we had better keep a close eye on what he is trying to hide.

My problem is I can't decide who is dumber, the president for thinking he can fool Americans or the Americans who believe him.

The people who voted for him are worse than W himself. He is only one man. However, to paraphrase, "All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." What frightens me more than W is the lack of responsiblity that the current 20 something and younger generations have been raised. So many of them have been raised by parents who make every excuse for thier behavior, they now expect the rest of society to give them a free ride.
I hate the dujmbign of America. But what scares me most is that in Ancient Greece the philosophers and scholars of that day were apalled by the same thing in their youth.

I wonder how much better off we would be as a human race had we not started dumbing down then?
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