Tuesday, January 31, 2006

spin and tweek

What ever happened to an honest answer? Whatever happened to the truth?

Now everyone has to put a special spin on a subject.
The truth with a twist. The truth with additions and explainations. The truth with deletions. The truth with several analyses. So many people analysing that there are even analysis of the analysis. Soon the additons, corrections, explainations and deletions become more complex and complete and the truth somehow becomes something hidden, secondary to the new message, which is not the truth. The spin is so complete that as it spins and spins like a twirling top the truth, a small piece of paper that was unattached to the spin, gets flung off into space by the whirling spin.

To fix unemployment numbers they recount and recalculate and tweek them. Tweek? What is tweek? In Viet Nam they added animals, like dog and cows to the "body count" to make it sound like we were winning the war. In Iraq they don't tell people the whole truth about how many people are killed. By magic it's tweeked? Tweeked? Does that bring human beings back from the dead? Making negative numbers positive? Resurrect civilian casualities? Or is tweeking just failing to count everyone?

Is tweeking just "crunching the numbers?" So, is that how Exxon told us they had no money so they raised the price of oil suddenly posted a $36 billion profit? When they wanted us to pay through the nose they didn't have money and suddenly they had lots of money? Is tweek a magic word that makes profit appear from mid air? Or is tweek another word? A word like spin. A word that means lie?

I want tweeking and spinning to be illegal. I think it's already immoral, but I want it to be illegal. I want it to be called what it is. Lie.

And when it is made illegal I want every CEO, COO, CFO and government elected official who breaks the law to be put in jail.

Is it too much to ask that it all happen before "W" does his state of the union address tonight?

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