Friday, January 27, 2006

War is Peace

Why don't people see what's in front of their faces?

Yesterday the President had a press conference. In it he said the same thing over and over again. I don't need any law telling me what to do, I am the president of the United States and everything I do it right.

He also said, if you cut out the jubberish "War is Peace". Didn't hear that part? Well let me tell you how I heard it:

We are at war. I must do everything to do to keep you safe. To keep you safe I must break the law because I can't work under the dictates of a outdated law passed by "congress" in 1978. I am trying to keep the peace in the world. In order to keep peace I have to conduct this war. Therefore, war equals peace.

Yeah, made no sense to me either.

Judge Alito. (obviously another topic). Am I the only one who notices that he looks like Chief Justice Roberts? Perfect Republican clones. Reminds me of the Stepford wives in a male version. I keep waiting to hear the music to "It's a small world" anytime I see either of them. Look ma, no strings! It's all done by remote control now - and drugs and plastic surgery.

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