Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Y chromosomes have no brains

OK. My friend Sharon just took a graduate level Sociology class and did a paper on barren branches.

What are they?

Well, in China boys are the prefered child to have, and girls are not valued by society. Consequently girl children are aborted or "discarded" by society.

She showed me pictures which she used for a class presentation that showed a body of a "girl infant", not a fetus mind you, but an infant, lying in a curb on the side of the road - being walked past by men in business suits, children (male children) who were playing ball, and other pedestrians. Finally at one point a woman saw the infant and picked her up and deposited her into a dumpster.

When the photojournalist who saw this called police to investigate the police walked to the dumpster and looked, but when they say a "female" child the investigation was over because it wasn't worth bothering with. However, the journalist was taken into custody for taking pictures of the incident and was only relased if she would surrender her film (but she had other film so she did give them "some" of it.)

Families in China had been so insistant of having boys children that they are now having to resort to kidnapping girl children from other families to raise with their family as "future brides" for their sons. They were so focused on perserving the seed they forgot that the seed won't germinate unless it has an egg to fertilize.

I think all those with Y chromosomes have this habit of only using the head of their penis, not their head with the brains.

Yeah right, men think that they are important. The most important and that females are inferior. But let's face facts. No cloning experiments have been done with male cells. Why? Because male cells can't reproduce WITHOUT females. You can't fertilize a male cell with another male cell and expect a duplicate. It doesn't work. You need an egg. Men don't have eggs WOMEN have eggs. However, a female cell can fertilize another female cell and it will produce a duplicate.

Can you see the pattern here?

Without females there will be no continuation of the human race. It does matter how many males there are on the planet. Men left to their own devices will kill off the species. By killing off the women and girls as unwanted they are dooming themselves.

Funny, but the way it looks to me is that WOMEN are the more important of the sexes, and the Y chromosomes who don't understand it are doomed to extinction.

Reading your post was very interesting,and although I am a Male(y)I totally agree with what your saying.

Maybe a world where there are no Males might be a good thing for everyone?.
eventually an all X chromosome species will also die out, and the chance of genetic abnormalities increases (so some scientist say). So Y's have their uses, it's just a shame that Y's don't understand it's not the "only" role in society. (sigh)
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