Monday, February 27, 2006

could I be fired?

I commented to a professor's blog today and as I was writing I wondered if I'm going to be repremanded for it.

I made an observation about the unionizing effort on campus, by a group of workers who are the contract janitors for UM. UNICO pays workers the minimum wage, and offers no benefits no health insurance and no sick time. If the school is closed for hurricane or holiday then the workers get no pay.

Students and faculty support the efforts of the workers to unionize but I noted that a strike probably won't work because if the university demands the the contract workers get a fair living wage they would have to increase the wages of non salaried workers who work directly for the university.

I am not sure the "administration" wants to hear that.

So, maybe I'll be asked to "retire" early. If so we're sunk because the university pension is so bad it can't even cover the cost of my health insurance.

I'll have have to wait and see. But how can they put a pink slip into my pay packet now that my check is direct dep[osited and I get the pay stub when I downlload it from the website myself?

Maybe it'll be in PINK INK?

so, did you use your real name? hope not. I'm not much of a union person. Union guys used to throw things at my husband when he went to work at the plant in Westinghouse in PA. What did they want, no electric power?

Broken glass bottles, nails in the driveway, that was just the items he told me about.
Actually I did use my real name, the blog I responded to demands it to cut down on spam.
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