Saturday, March 18, 2006

Does Bush bother you?

Someone sent me a link to an article with this title, and I posted this as a reply to her to that question.

Yeah he bothes me. I got a letter yesterday from the White House, on behalf of George W. Bush, from Marguerite A. Murer, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Correspondence. Hummmm, maybe someone noticed that I write one or two complaint letters a month, da ya' think?

Anyhow, I couldn't bring myself to read it yesterday, I was so mad. The letter is in response to the renewal of the aPatriot Act of 2001. So how does this letter (2 full pages I might add) begin? After thanking me on behalf of the President the next sentence begins "On September 11, 2001..."

REG FLAG!!! At least to me that is.

This president might fart at some state dinner or important social/political occasion and instead of admitting he had beans ,cabbage and hard boild eggs for lunch he'd blame 9/11!!

I am so sick the the 9/11 excuse I could scream.

It wasn't 9/11 that got us into the mess we are in - it was George W. Bush!!!

I did finally read the letter in its entirity, but let me tell you it wasn't worth my efforts. All it was all rehashed "Patriot Act = safety for all Americans" bullshit.

So does Bush bother me???


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