Thursday, April 27, 2006

little white lies

Omit the truth and what do you get?

If you're UNICCO it's a full page ad in the Miami Herald.

Apparently they think they can shame the SEIU into quiting the quest for a card check system of voting for the union. So they bring up two examples where the union had a vote, but did NOT use the card check system. To the uninformed it makes it seem as if the union is unreasonable and that UNICCO welcomes the opportunity to allow their workers to unionize.


In other parts of the country where UNICCO has permitted union votes it has been done by the card check method. In very few instances has the NLRB method of voting by secret ballot been employed. The Union wants a card check method so results can be verified and there is a paper trail. UNICCO wants a secret ballot because they and they alone would have the actuall count and they would then release the results, which might be accurate or.... UNICCO might not decide to share the actual count with anyone, but just say "oh the vote was against the union."

To me that means that the UNICCO people can't be trusted.

It comes as no suprise around here.

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