Wednesday, April 26, 2006

one thing leads to another

UNICCO and SEIU are still at odds, and the students and faculty support still remains strong among those who actually want to work toward social justice. Outsiders are becoimg involved, and the UM president is taking out full page ads in the Miami Herald saying how neutral the college remains in this struggle.

Neutral, yeah. These full page announcements sound more like "this isn't my problem so go away and leave me alone."

So the university is now prosecuting students for disturbing the peace, apparently. And how that could have been done when the students appeared in a protest with duct tape over their mouths I'll never know. I thought you had to be loud and obnoxious to disturb someone's peace. or were they just disturbing the peace of mind of a group of NIMBY (not in my back yard) administrators and the UNICCO negotiators?

It also seems that Miami Dade County, or is it just the city of Coral Gables, has a law/ordinance that prohibits the interruption of education or some such stuff. Heck it might even be a FL statute, It would be nice to be able to read it and see what that law actually is, but the student demonstrators are being threatened with or charged with this offense.

Are these violations of the law or are the laws a violation of the right to assemble and the right of free speech? Seems like the question might be a constitution one, not just a rhetorical one. Maybe it's one law that should be challanged. Maybe this is one of the turning points in a pendillium swing from right to normal.

And perhaps we'd get back some of the rights we are entitled to under the constitution, you know, that piece of paper George W. wants to do away with?

Perhaps the University of Miami will be "the" turning point, something that will challange not only in labor law, but in constitutional law as well.

One can olny hope.

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