Tuesday, April 18, 2006

UM in the news

The NYT did a piece on the hunger striking UNICCO janitors at UM. Makes Donna Shalala look like an elitist who talks neutral but looks very much like a union buster.

Is that the image she wants to project for UM?

If I were a chicken roll with mayo on white bread with the crusts cut off kind of person I would really like that attitude. The "don't the THEM get away with it or soon everyone will want a union" kind of attitude that comes from the monied elitists. Sure that's a way to bring in the snobs from the rich families, but it is not a way to offer a diversified experience to college students.

What does her inaction tell students? That it's stupid to protest an injustice? That you must accept the cards you're dealt and get on with life as you are told to? For someone who was a member of a Democratic cabinet I find that kind of thinking very Republican.

Yoiu know the Greeks on campus are trying to bring in another fraternity. I don't think there will be room for Sigma Nu or any other the others who are via for the spot. The fraternity that seems to be firmly entrenched here is the KKK.

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