Monday, May 01, 2006

All Migrants are bad!!

That's what they'd have you believe. Sound to me like the truism "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."

Or can I explain it another way?

Are you eating fresh fruit, drinking orange juice, having lettuce in your salad? Thank a migrant.

Do you have tile roofing material? A tile surround in the kitchen, or patio deck, masonary pots? Probably have to thank a migrant too.

Any ditches dug in your area by hand? Any trees planted? Any law care being done? Laundry services provided? Clean offices? Probably a migrant.

If migrants are so bad why are they working here and contributing to your well being?

If being American is good why are our prisons and jails full of people who don't work,contribute nothing but drain the society of money?

Let's make all the migrants leave. Right, and when will you send your kids out to pick tomatoes or grapes or cabbages? How much time will you spend digging ditches for irrigation or sewer lines? How many offices will you clean?

Very well put!
Faulty logic. Some migrants are bad. Some business owners are crooked. Why should people be allowed to sneak over the border?
After awhile do we just forget the part about breaking the law?

Why can't Cuban's who make it ALMOST to the shore stay while we ignore Mexicans crossing on land?

Why are corporate farming companies allowed to make millions while they pay practically nothing to workers?
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