Wednesday, May 17, 2006

negative saving

Suzie Ormand, that PBS guru of finance, has gone on tv to tell us all that the United States is in big trouble because we, as a nation, are NOT saving.

Not saving. Egad. How could that have happened one wonders.

Well I am not the infamous one. I know.

Idiots can figure it out.


The current administration has made a mess of the finances of the country and just takes money, spending it freely on what they want, leaving taxpayers to make up the difference. Not in taxes, but in lost services that they must now pay for.

Jobs go overseas, but this administration says there are plenty of jobs and the economy is good.

Spend, they say. Use your credit cards and keep the economy moving.


Spend what?

A full gas tank in my 2003 Suzuki used to cost less than $20 and last a week. Now it costs about $40 and lasts longer because I don't drive as much.

Been grocery shopping lately? That peanut butter investment would really be paying off about now.

Store brand pasta, whch used to be 2 for $1 is now 2 for $1.29 Maybe I'm bad at math but it seems to me that's a 29% increase. Blame it on the cost of transporting the food to market.

Milk at a drive through convience store near here used to be a bargain at $1.99 a gallon on sale once a week. Now there are no sales and the gallon costs over $5. Blame that on the cost of electricity and refrigeration as well as transportation.

Supermarket brand loss leader white bread is still 99 cents, but the better brands are up about 30 cents per loaf. Meats are high. Even I put back some things after looking at the price per pound for steak. Hamburger is no bargain and chicken is not a cheap meal anymore. (Unless you get a sale at some store that's buy one get one free just to get you in the door.) Fresh vegetables are not only more expensive but also there seems to be less of them available. Perhaps the cost of transportation makes it not profitable to send them very far from where they are picked.

So, if you want to drive your car to work and eat the same kinds of food your are used to eating then you pay more. How much more? Maybe $100 a week more. And if that $100 is what you used to put into some kind of savings because it was extra money then you can no longer save it if you have to spend it. And maybe you even spend more than that and have to dip into your savings to pay for things.

Negative savings.

Only a moron wouldn't be able to understand that.
Unfortunately that's who is in the White House.

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