Monday, June 26, 2006

Christian logic

Ask a fundamentalist Christian if all who claim to be Christians are saved. The answer is probably no. Why? Because all Christians don't adhere to "their teaching", meaning if you don't belong to the correct denomination you are condemned to the fire of hell for eternity.

So all Christians are not the same. Written in stone.

Yet those same people who claim that all Christians are not the same have declared that all Muslims are the same. Evil. All of them. No exceptions. Also written in stone.

Which stone? Is it on the original tablets given to the Jews by God through Moses?
I must have missed that one if it was.

Is there some logic to this thinking? Written in stone?

Where did Christ say that he died on the cross for one limited group of individuals? Didn't he say he died so that "all men" might be saved?

"'Splain it to me Lucy." as Ricky recardo would say.

Yeah don't forget these fundies don't believe in denominations either. That is why they call themselves Bible Churches and such. Gee I really am not a fan of American Christianity (ie the fundies).
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