Wednesday, June 21, 2006

not blogging much

My son is about to be married and I am getting preoccupied with wedding stuff.

It hasn't stopped me from thinking though. Eventually I mean to explore:

1) Why people who aren't Catholic like to tell me what I beleive, when they have no clue.

2) Why the UM janitor's strike and protests resulted in punishing the protestors and denying their rights to counsel.

3)Why Americans with the loudest mouthshave the least knowledge about the status of the United States in the World.

4) Why nationalism and patriotism are confused with selfishness. (a symptom of NIMBY).

5) I also have to finish my "how I got to the place I am in life" story.

6)Show and tell, or what it really means if you don't do things according to the arbitrary social and business "rules".

7) Credit Card companies and their ability to twist the laws that used to be called usury.

8)Why more isn't necessarily better.

But as I said, the wedding looms large in my life right now and I have no time to do anything.

Stay tuned. I promise to get around to finishing these thoughts....eventually.

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