Friday, June 30, 2006

Old Glory and Old Navy

It seems that those who most want to protect "Old Glory" by passing a constitutional amendment to prohibit desecrating the flag might be guilty of desecrating it themelves.

Apparently the Flag Code 8-1 prohibits the display of the falg on anything that is of a "temporary nature."

I guess that means no cake can be decorated with the flag, or use those paper flags on toothpicks. No bumpter stickers touting a political party can usurp the flag for their purposes. You are in violation of the code if you wear one of those Old Navy tee shirts with the flag on it, or a hat, or a watch.

What will the Republicans use to fire up the patriotism of the people if they can't wave the flag by plastering it all over everything?

I almost wish the vote to change the constitution had passed so I could sue people for selling patriotism to those who claim to be protecting the flag by wearing it.

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