Sunday, June 04, 2006

Why a double standard of language?

On Friday I had had enough and while at work someone told the people at an office social gathering that she was fond of SAL - MON. Yes, she pronounced the L. So I corrected her and said that if she wanted to say it right the L was silent.

The woman I corrected is hispanic (Cuban). When another Cuban said that in Spanish the world is salmon with the L pronounced I said, "Well in English the L is silent." Then another Cuban said she has heard many American pronounce the L in salmon, and I told her that they were mispronouncing it and that it was NOT the accepted spelling.

She got offended.


When I am corrected because I mispronounce a Spanish word I am not offended. But apparently the Spanish speakers can mispronounce English and if they are corrected they think they are being criticized.

I think everyone should learn to speak English in America, but more importantly that they should learn to speak it properly.

That apparently is too much to ask.

Maybe we should have a board of language here in America like they do in France to keep the language "pure". But if the suggestion every became reality I am sure half of the native born Americans would flunk too. Just "ax" anybody, "irregardless" of thier education.

I am becoming increasingly concerned that we are heading for the day that English will no longer be the language of our country. Walking into a Lowe's store today, I was shocked to see that every sign was in both English and Spanish. If I were to relocate to another country to live and work I would certainly expect that learning the language would be absolutely necessary. I say that if people desire a life in America then take the time to learn the language established by our forefathers as our countrys' official language
When my family came to the USA they learned English right away. My grandfather always taught me that "When in Rome, speak as the Romans do." Unfortunately, that is no longer the motto with the Spanish speaking newcomers.

At least up here in Michigan it seems that most of the immigrants speak English.
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