Sunday, July 09, 2006


Sometimes you feel intimidated by the thought of going to another place, like a shopping mall out of your area. I did. Yesterday.

Since my son is getting married at the end of this month it's getting a bit hectic with last minute stuff. One of which is the "hair appointment" for the mothers and the wedding party.

Well, Henry from Coco's Day Spa, is going to do our hair, and yesterday was my turn to see what kind of shape he could put my hair into. Unfortunately Coco's is in the Aventura Mall.

To those not familiar with Aventura it's just about as far north in Dade County as you can go. From my house, even going on interstate highways it's a drive of one hour and a half. That's a long drive for a hair cut. The mall has a reputation of being upscale too, and since I am the buy on sale kind of outlet store buyer I didn't know if I would stick out like a sore thumb there.

Turns out I fit in just fine. I am an average person of average overweight. I thought I'd be surrounded by skinny rich women. I wasn't

The spa isn't glitzy, just sounds like it. And Henry the stylist is good - and knows what he talks about. My hair and I have a mutual understanding about how it can be worn. I basically gave up tyring to adapt my fine, limp and bodiless hair to the "style of the day" and just let my hair go it's natural way, with adaptations. I guess it's not always the most in fashion way of wearing it, but Henry and I both agreed there isn't much else I can do with it, so he cut the hair to allow maxium style for the limited cooperation of hair folicles.

So basically I get to wear my hair in the style I am accustomed to for my son's wedding. I will feel comfortable and won't feel liek I stick out like a sore thumb.

That sounds like a good salon. Did you find them through or word of mouth? I am looking for a good salon in this area to get my hair done for my sister's wedding.
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