Sunday, August 20, 2006

things we don't need

Last night dinner was garbage. Literally.

I had so many containers of left overs sitting in the fridge I decided NOT to cook anything new.

So, we at what we had. Pork chops, Italian sausage,spaghetti sauce with mushrooms, chicekn breast, corn, peas, pasta, rice. I heated what each person wanted and we were all full. Unfortunately I had to throw out the stuff we didnt' eat, and that could have feed another 2 people. What wasteful people we are!

So why do we cook so much? Are we bombarded with so many food images that we think we need more food, even if we know we can't possibly eat it all?

I think advertising is what's wrong with America. If we weren't told it was necessary I don't think we would think we "had to have it."

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