Monday, September 18, 2006

reshelving books

Occasionally one encounters a book that has been removed fromt he shelves and placed in another spot. We discourage reshelving here, lest the user mistakenly read the call number incorrectly and then the book will be lost until we do a massive "shelf reading".

However I wish people would at least try to place the book on a shelving cart instead of leaving it next to the toilet the the bathroom.

So ok, I get the picture. You needed something to read while taking care of business so you took something off the shelf on your way to the restroom. It happens to many of us, we multi task these things at home so we continue the practice at school. However, I think it is extremely rude to just leave the book on the floor of the restroom next to the commode!

Do you think the librarians or student assistants routinely go around to the bathrooms pick ing up after you like your mother did at home?

If you are in a graduate level program at school one assumes you are a responsible adult. And believe it or not, responsible adults DO pick up after themselves.

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