Thursday, September 07, 2006

When is a lie not a lie?

Am I senile?

Last year didn't the Bush administration deny the existence of any CIA secret prisons in Europe?

Didn't they tell the world such places did not exist? There were no prisoners being harbored in secret locations?

So now how can Mr. Bush come out and say that 14 prisoners from CIA prisons are being transfered?


Because he thinks we are too stupid to remember.


Because he wants to put Congress in a no win position.

The Conservative Supreme Court wouldn't let him "punish" these prisoners the way he wanted to, so now he wants the Congress to make a law that tells him he CAN punish them. If they do, they play into his hands. If they don't he will declare the congress (liberal Democrats specifically) are all soft on terrorist.

The man is probably insane and and evil genius to have thought up such a trap. Actually, it's his mimions who do the thinking he's just going to get the credit for making everyone else look bad.

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