Friday, October 20, 2006

health insurance and other matters

We got the news about the "new" health insurance plan at work this week and it sucks.
I went to an "open house" explaination of benefits on Monday and nearly blew a gasket. Luckily I thought about it a while and made no comment until Tuesday.
If I keep my husband on the plan with the same coverage for next year I will have to pay another $108 per month for the same lousey coverage. So I will drop him, and let the government pay for his health care.

So on Tuesday, after I cooled down enough to send a letter without 4 letter words and threats of violence, I e-mailed the University of Miami president.It's a strong worded letter pouring out the frustrations of a plebian in a society that is being ruled by the clueless elite. I poured out MY own frustrations, but I included enough universal truth so that she realized it was not a personal complaint, but a complaint echoed by many other employees. I let others read it, workers and professors alike.

Now I am being pointed out as a hero for the workers. Other university workers call me on the phone, at work or at home, or come by the office to shake my hand. Some have asked what protests I have planned, or if I will now organize a union on behalf of the workers. I tell them I will do neither, but if they agree with me and understand my frustrations and want to back up what I said they should write a litter to the university president themselves and detail their own frustration and what hardship will be caused by the cost increases, some of the choices are so expensive that they will take half a pay check to cover the premium.

I had to do something. Now I feel like one of the leaders of the French Revolution facing the French royality who have no concept of the suffering of their own subjects. Of course I may pay dearly for voicing my opinion, but it had to be done. Enough is enough.

Someone had to take a stand.

I guess it's only the people with enough balls to do it, like me, who will do so.

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