Sunday, October 29, 2006

ignorant of their ignorance

New York Times today has an editorial (10/29) about Future Tax Shock. The current Republican administration has set it up so that when they are out of office a new bunch of tax increases will hit the middle class - you know those Red States conservatives who put the Republicans in the White House in the first place.

The Republicans love to paint the Democrats with the Tax and Spend lables, when they are doing it more often and more deviously.

The point is, many people say they read about politics because they pick up the Sunday paper from their hometown, and they occasionally watch the sound bites that make up the National news on nework broadcasts or they tune in to the ever repetitive Fox and CNN for their "up to the minute news" about Britney Spear's child's name, or Tom-Cat Cruz and his soon to be wife, or Madonna's adoption story. But they don't really read about what effects them most.

Two years from now when someone gets wind of the tax increases and a sensationalized story about the huge tax increases gets national and repeative press coverage they will cry, "Why didn't anyone tell us?"

Well the answer is quite clear. "You were told, but you didn't want to see, hear or read about it."

So when someone tells me they are well versed in the news I tend to doubt that they even know what news is.

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