Thursday, October 19, 2006

low ratings = homeland security threats?

How gullible does the Bush administration think we are?

As soon as things go wrong for the Republicans they suddenly discover another threat to our security.

Nothing ever comes of it, but it's enough to put the fear back into the hearts of those in the Heartland. You know, those idiots in the red states who believed it from the begining because, by God, "W" is protecting our way of life.

What way of life?

The way Americans waste resources? The way Americans think it's their sovern right to pollute,in the name of economic progress (and at the expense of American workers)The way of life that lets Americans assume that the reason the world hates us is jealousy, and not because we are bullies trying to dictate terms to the world?

Maybe people are actually waking up and seeing reality.
America is not always right, and maybe Americans should wake up and realize it.

But as long as Republicans and this administration feeds the fear eyes will be closed and ears will selectively not hear.

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