Thursday, November 30, 2006

cell phone rudeness

Am I wrong?

When I dial a person from my cell phone and I don't get an answering machine I realize that if I am calling another cell phone it shows up as a missed call.

When that happens to me, and I get a missed call message on my phone I try to call back the number to see if it's something important. When I do, I always say "Hello, someone just dialed my cell phone from this number." I don't identify myself, but I do give the impression that I don't know who I am calling.

What annoys me is that when I get "return calls" I most likely get people who, when I answer the phone, greet me with "Who's this?"

Who's this?

Who are you?

Last night I got such a phone call and I said to the caller, "Don't you know who you dialed?" She said I am just calling back a number that appeared on my phone as a missed call.

I was tempted to say that her first response was rude, however the call was for my church to a client of St. Vincent de Paul and I didn't want to make the woman angry at the Society or the Church. So I looked up the number on the sheet of clients I had to contact to verify that it was indeed the person I was trying to reach, and we had out conversation.

But it gets to me.

"Who's this?"

Don't they teach phone ettiquite anymore?

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