Monday, November 27, 2006

Hard Rock Casino

My son and daughter-in-law wanted to treat me to a night out - gambling. So on Wednesday before Thanksgiving we went to the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe and Casino, in Hollywood FL.

Obviously it's owned by the Seminole Indian tribe.

So, we drove up and they told me to apply for a players club card, which I did. Then we went to dinner and I had a BLT that was soooooooo huge they must have used a half pound of very crisp bacon to make it.

After dinner I took the $10 my daughter gave me to play for her, and the $60 my son gave me to play and we went to play the slots. Being the big spender that I am I played the nickel slots.

On the first machine I used my daughter's money and won her $37 on her $10. I called her to tell her and she told me to keep playing so I did.

I switched machines a few times and lost some money of the $60 my son gave me, but cashed out before I lost all of the $20 I had started with, when a guy comes up to me and calls my name.

I thought to myself "Who knows I'm here?" It turns out that I was the hourly winner for a promotion by the casino and I got a nifty Hard Rock Tee shirt just for playing the slots with my "players club" card in the machine.

Then the guy tells me to reach into the velvet bag he was carrying, and pick out a coconut. He told me that each coconut had a dollar amount on it and whatever I picked I got to spend in the casino machines.

I reached in and pulled up a $250 coconut!!

My son was seated next to me and using his players club card too so he got $100 for just being there. I gave my daughter-in-law $50 and my son $50 to play and I continued to play the rest of my "cash for nothing".

When I cashed out at the end of the evening, I paid my son back his $60 advance, and had won for my daughter on her $10 a total of $95.95 AND I put into my pocket $103.

Not bad for playing a whole night and not spending any of my own funds.

All in all I had a good night and lots of fun. I might do it again, but I doubt if my beginners luck will hold next go round.

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