Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh for pity sake!

So, aspirin has been around since my grandmother was middle aged (she she's now long deceased). Unless once is allergic to the stuff it hasn't seemed to harm many folks I know.

Yeah, it's bad for people with ulsers... always has been if you take the time to read the label and dosage instructions. It seems pretty safe to me.

So now some hot shot in the government wants to regulate the OTC pain relievers like aspirin and Tylenol and Aleve because they can cause "serious" problems (stomach bleeding, liver or kidney damage) if not taken correctly.

And how to do that? Make them suddenly by prescription only?

Nooooooooooooooo, of course not.

To safeguard us all against the dangers of these potent medicines they propose to make the print on the labels larger, sort of like the warnings on cigarettes.

Excuse me?

Larger print will save lives?

Call me cynical but I think if people don't read the dosage instructions NOW what makes you think that making the instructions larger will help? Large print doesn't stop idiots from being idiots. If it did then people who read the large warnings on the sides of cagarette boxes would have quit too.

So, what's this great show of "helping" people? I guess the OTC pain relievers need some publicity and the surgeon general has nothing better to do with his time.

I mean why else would they finally require a 60 plus year old product to have WARNING labels?

Oh for pity sake.

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