Thursday, January 04, 2007

Radical Humanists

I'm sure you've met some, but you never knew what to call them.

Those people who used to be believers in a higher power/diety but have now rethought that issue and come to the conclusion that no such person exists.


Or as one person on a list I am on described it "The belief that my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend."

So, as a Christian I can't make a statement about life and my belief as to how we should be living in it without sounding like I am recruiting or evangelizing.
Without exhibiting a bias, or being prejudicial toward "theism".

Yet when those Radical Humanists speak, it's always about opening ones mind to new idea and not being tied down by "theists" philosophy. Huh?

Huh? If I can't talk about my belief in God to you and try to make you "believe" why is it ok for you to talk tome about how there is no God and try to make me stop believing?

Christians who speak of the religion they not only practice but live on a daily basis are ridiculed, but secular humanists can say anything about any other belief system and it's OK?

Explain this to me. Why is one prejudiced and the other not? How is one biased and the other not?

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