Wednesday, April 11, 2007

defining rude

Rude is:
When some cutie pie walks into you and blames you for not moving out of her way because she was watching a video on her cell phone as she was walking.

Rude is being sushed by someone talking on their cell phone in public because they can't hear what's being said byt he person on the other end of the line .

Worse yet rude is talking on your cell phone in public about matters that should be discussed in private or behind closed doors and then giving people the evil eye when their expression indicates they have overheard the conversation and are offended by the content of it. Some conversations are meant to be had in private.

Rude is eating at an outdoor table of a restaurant and putting your thong clad feet on the table top while waiting for your order to be served.

Rude is leaving a picnic area littered with trash and garbage because you are too damn lazy to pick up after yourself.

Rude is not taking responsibility for your actions and blaming others.

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