Sunday, April 22, 2007

names and numbers

Remember when you could just reach someone with just a telephone call. If they weren't home the phone rang a few times and you hung up. Or it gave a busy signal and you knew to try again.

Now it's a number that's transfered to a cell phone, or one that's transfered to a voice mail, or a text message or something.

And people get rude to you if they can't reach you IMMEDIATELY. Or if you can't identify them immediately. Some called me recently on my cell and just started talking, then she got angry when I interrupted her to findout who itw as who is calling.

"What, you dont' have called ID?' she screamed. I said that my phone only gave a phone number, not a name. She was quite annoyed.

So because we rely on a machine to let us in on the secret of who is calling now we have no manners when using a phone? Amazing.

OMG...You forgot email! LOL...Blackberry's...Jesus it's a pain in the ass to get a hold of people these days lol haha
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