Thursday, April 26, 2007


It used to be called "Secretaries Day" now it's Administrative Professionals Day. So my employeer decided to pamper us one day a year by iving us a big breakfast, and thanking us for all we do. And then the tradition is to raffle donated items.

This year a coworker of mine won a "gift card" to Subway sandwich shops. I won a TGI Friday's gift card. Later that day we were talking and she was complaining about how "cheap" her present was. It was "only" she siad for a 6 inche combo meal. That's a usual lunch order. A six inch sub, beverage and chips or cookie. Instead of saying "I got a free lunch" and being glad about not having to buy one , she complained about what it wasn't.

She is never satisfied, she always expects more. As a matter of fact she seem to feel she in entitled to more.

Entitled by what? An accident of birth or residence?

I don't understand why some people are so upset by not having what they think they deserve. I often wonder what makes them think they are deserving of anything? Is it the color of their skin? The shape of their face? Is it that they were born in the Northern Hemispere? Is that they were born in a democratic republic? What makes them so special that they - and not some child in Ethiopia in the African continent or Port a Prince, Haiti - deserve to eat 3 full meals a day plus snacks and candy?

What entitles them to have health care? Access to doctors and hospitals and fresh water?
What entitles them to shelter and clothes?

And when they have all these things, why do they feel deprived that they don't have more?

I son't understand this deep level of dis-satisfaction.

These people are raising or are being raised by the ones you mentioned in your 4/11 and 4/22 blogs. They can not appreciate the concept of a "gift" because they are so focused on demanding "entitlements". I hope I live lomg enough to see them in their old age in a society that is youth driven and does not honor the aged.
Hi Sue,
I'm trying to find my way around this blogspot to email you, although not about this particular comment. Do you have Skype?
Mary UK
Mary, no I don't have Skype.
My e-mail address is:

Are you my long lost pen pal Mary from the UK?

Sue Ann
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