Sunday, May 27, 2007

And will She like this?

Pope Benedict XVI is considering bringing back the Latin Mass. He is considering it because of church Tradition, negating all the changes to the liturgy since Pope John XXIII's Vatican Council.

Here we go, marching into the 16th Century.

Does this mean no more Lay participation in the liturgy?

Does this make female Catholics only good for joining the Catholic Women's groups to raise money? And staying at home praying the rosary for the poor souls? And of course procreating through means of natural family planning methods.

Does this mean no more female instrusion into "men's territory"? You know all that philosophy and theology stuff that women dont' have the brains to figure out?

Or is it fear that we already reason too much?

Latin as a liturgical language is actually pretty much a good thing. There would be only one way to communicate, one set of prayers, and it would feel just as comfortable for a Catholic to hear mass in Lisbon as it would in Prague, Sydney, Hong Kong or Cleveland. But it's the hands off attitude that worries me.

At Confirmation one year, here in our parish, the Bishop asked a young girl a question, as he is supposed to do, to test her knowledge of the faith. . He asked how many sacraments are there.

She answered, quite correctly, that there ar 7 sacraments for boys, and 6 for girls.

So, what happens now? Is Benny going to move us down the sacramental peg even further?

One simply asks a question.

If the pope is infallable in matters of faith and morals, then how can one pope undo the work or docterine of faith that another pope established?

Just curious.

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