Sunday, May 13, 2007

fashion vs conservation

Why is the world awash in trash and overfilled landfills?


When something becomes outdated - be it clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics - we are encouraged to throw it out.

Our president wants us to keep the economy runing through retail sales.

Buy buy buy. Get new stuff. Replace everything.

So we have bought into that hype and what do we have?

People throwing away usable goods.

Just because a new model washer dryer comes along we have to buy new. Because the new iron takes less time to use we trash the old one and buy it. Because blue geese are not longer the fashion rage for kitchen acessories we have to replace all the dishtowels and salt shakers and placemats, is that it?

Because the bedroom set we bought 25 years ago is "dated" we have to replace it, and in doing so we redecorate the bedroom, buying new paint and do dads, new sheets and covers and bedspreads and curtains all because things "MUST" be coordinated and match.

I wonder, do unmatched blankets warm you less? Because your pillowcases and sheets don't match do you sleep less soundly?

Fashion dictates that if it isn't "new" it isn't right. And we believe it.

And to prove it we have wasted resources replacing usable items for the sake of "fashion."

Shame on us all.

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