Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ignorance is no excuse

Isn't there a saying that "ignorance is no excuse" when it come to the law?

Well then, why does Paris Hilton think that because she was ignorant of the law regarding her suspended license that she is being picked on because she got caught breaking the law?

She says that she's being singled out because of her name and what she does.

What she does?

What does she do?

She prances around the US buying fashion stuff, and smiling and being pretty and rich and living off her name - oh yeah, she models. Like that really adds something to life.

I don't think being rich and pretty makes you any less responsible for your actions. Just like being an uneducated black man would make you any less responsible.

After all if a black man got a DUI and lost his license and then drove anyhow and got caught wouldnt' he be put in jail for 45 days?

So what makes, blonde, white, rich model Paris Hilton exempt from the same punishment?


Now she has some webpage pleading with her "fans" to have the governor of California pardon her. OH please.

Hey Paris, honey. You did the crime, now do the time. It's about time you learned that being pretty and rich doesn't mean "anything goes."

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