Sunday, May 13, 2007

On Mother's Day

Advertisers would make you think that today is about taking mom out to a restaurant or buying her flowers and a card or doing all sorts of other expensive Mothers Day gifts so that you mom will feel appreciated.

I have an idea. This works for both living and deceased mothers. In honor or or in memory of your mother why not send a cash donation to an organization in your city that helps homeless or abused women?

Some women today are worried mothers. Not worried about what gift they will receive or what restaurant they will be taken to for lunch, brunch or dinner. There are Mothers who are wondering what they can feed theit children today, or what they will feed them tomorrow. Some are worried that their spouse or domestic partner will beat them today, or harm them in another way.

Don't you think your mother would think that she did a wonderful job of raising you if you showed her that you have compassion for those less fortunate than yourself? Show you mother the fruits of her labors were not in vain. Show your mother that you learned good things because she spent the time and had the love to teach you. Don't you think that a mom would be gratified to learn that the values she had tried to instill in you actually took and you understand the meaning of sharing?

Show your mom you love her by showing her you care for others too.

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