Thursday, May 31, 2007


Everyone claims they want responsible this or that, you know - citizens, government, business practice, schools - but no one wants to claim responsibility. No one wants to show responsibility. Maybe this little list of guidelines will help.

Problem: I don't want to be fat but it's the food they sell that makes me that way.

Answer: It's not the food's fault, it doesn't jump into your mouth and force itself into you stomach. If you don't want to be fat then eat responsibility. No one MAKES you chow down on Lays potato chips, Big Macs and French Fries. Take responsibility for you life and health and pick the right foods and eat them in moderation.

Problem: I want my child to be taught how to behave.

Answer: So act like a parent and take responsibility from the day of his/her birth to teach your child what is acceptable behavior, and what the consequences of not behaving will be. Be responsible for your child, and accept responsibility for his/her bad behavior if you haven't taught that child otherwise. Making excuses for a child's bad behavior isn't teaching him/her anything except that they can do anything they want and it's not their fault. DO NOT expect teachers to discipline and correct your child and perform miracles if you have not laid the foundation while that child was young enough to teach at home. Be a parent.

Problem: Nothing I buy is safe. I can't trust any product to be free of defect, or not be harmful to me and my family.

Answer: Manufacturer's should NEVER release any product that they know will cause harm to the person buying or using it. They should be held responsible for placign greed before the welfare of their customer, the consumer. Complain and make sure the manufacturer and the state legislature knows that things are unsafe and demand that they be removed from sale. Do not patronize any manufacturer who knowingly ignores your safety.

Problem: All politicians are crooked and I don't trust them to represent me as they should.

Answer: Take your right to vote seriously. If your elected officials are not good it's because you have not made them responsible to you. Get involved in your local p0litics, watch your represenatives and make sure that they know that you care about what they do on your behalf. Be a responsible citizen.

Problem: It's not my fault that the world (my job, my family, my town, my state) is a mess.

\answer: Yes it is!!!! If you don't do something to change things and take responsibility for youself and your surroundings then it IS your fault for not doing everything in your power to change things.

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