Friday, May 18, 2007

Two kinds of rules

When I got grocery shopping there is always comment about how I buy too much and I spend too much on things I don't need.

Yet when my family members, who rag on me about such things, go to the grocery store and bring back things I don't need that's ok.

I mentioned it because my husband and daughter went to a huge discount warehouse store. I told them we needed toilet paper. I told my daughter NOT to bring tomatoes because I had some and because I get the Share groceries tomorrow and I don't know what we are going to get.

They brought back tiolet paper, and tomatoes and a very large box of frozen pretzels. I didn't need the tomatoes and I don't have the roomin either freezer to put in the pretzels. Tomorrow when I get the packages from Share I won't have any place in the freezer for the meats.

So now I'm a bitch because I don't appreciate the suprises.

I can't win.

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