Tuesday, June 26, 2007

so I am wrong

So far three people have told me so.

Yep. They have told me, in not so many words, that I say things that I can't prove. You know, like providing citations for knowledge gained over years of experience.

Oh come on, I mean who remembers when bits of information all jelled together into some coherent original thought? It's like trying to decide when in the midst of a jigsaw puzzle, you discovered you understood what the picture was going to be. Which piece was the key factor in that relevation or discovery? Darmed if I know.

All I do know is that after a period of collecting thoughts and facts and experiences I put together some statement that based on what I have gathered makes sense to me.

And when I do that, these 3 people, who apparently can't tell rational thought from rote memorization, jump on my case.

Well I could fight back.

And I was ready to, until I realized that all three people have literally be institutionalized for mental problems.

So now, when I am chastized or challenged I just withdraw and let them think what they will about me.

They will anyway.

It makes my life much easier knowing that they what I think doesn't fit into their world.

My world is reality. Their reality is a strictly defined space, prescribed by doctors, and apparently they can't adjust to anything beyond that.

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