Thursday, July 12, 2007

the moon moved

Ok, I am not always awake when I actually get out of bed at 5:45 a.m. but I do manage to muddle around and get things done by rote - including making coffee and picking up the newspaper from the front lawn.

In the winter sky I gaze at Orion and hope that it's still there and I am not seeing shadows of a constallation many billion years destroyed.

In the summer, thanks to Daylight Savings, Eastern Standard time the sun is rising just around 6 so the stars are not visible.

What is visible is the moon, which should be off the to the west as it sets.

Today the moon was not to the West (behind and to the left of my house) as the sun's rays pinked up the sky to the East. But the moon was off to the NORTH, to the right of our house.

Why would the moon be there?

Is the earth tilting on it's axis and the idiots in power in every nation thinking common man needn't know these things? Are we being lied to yet again?

If West is North then North would be East, and East would be South, and South would be West.
And if that's what happening, in reality, we would really have some global warming...

So I will continue to watch the moon as it rises and sets, and see what the temperatures are like in New York.

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