Sunday, July 22, 2007


They say that American's don't take their vacation time and it's bad for us healthwise not to.

I think TAKING vacations is bad for you.

If you travel with your family that means months of planning in advance. Reservations. Transportation, buying a new wardrobe. Who, living pay check to paycheck, can afford that?

Then if you are a mom you are worried about packing clothes, and making sure things are clean and tidy before you leave. Cancelling newspapers, finding pet sitters and all that other stuff that kids never think about.

So you take pictures on the beach and the kids look relaxed and having fun, and mom and dad look exhausted. Sure it's a vacation from work, but parents are "employed" 24/7 so that job never stops.

What ever happened to staying home for a week and doing nothing? That's MY idea of a vacation.

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