Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Won't power

Spoiled kids.


Because parents have no "won't power".

What is "wont' power"? you may ask.

Well I will tell you.

Won't power is the power parents have to say "no".

Very simple concept.

Your child asks for something - usually prompted by peer pressure or some new advertisement.
The parent says no, but the child doesn't consider that a definate answer so they repeat the request, and repeat it and repeat it and repeat it until the parent gives in.

Instead, the parent should pull out her/his "won't power" and tell the child. I told you no once, and I won't change my mind no matter how many times you ask. And if you continue to pester me you won't be (add some suitable punishment like "won't be having ice cream for dessert tonight" or "won't be staying up late to watch t.v." or "won't be going to the park this afternoon".

But maybe some new parents don't understand won't power because their parents never applied it to them. So the cycle continues for another generation.

More's the pity.

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