Sunday, August 26, 2007

lots of things make very little sense to me

Let's try the parking situation at my workplace.

I have to buy a parking permit. Buy a chance to park in one of the many lots near buildings. This is called a "standard" parking permit and it's sold to staff, faculty and students so that we must compete for the available spaces. It costs $422 a year for a chance to buy the right to hunt for a parking spot near my building.

The parking lot is overcrowded, it's not shaded, and it's forever full.

For $218 however, I can (and did) buy a discount permit. It's discounted because it is not near my building but it is serviced by a shuttle bus which runs very convienent times when I need them most.

The permit allows me to park inside a parking garage which keeps my paint less damaged by 7.5 hours in the direct sun. It keeps the interior of my car cool. It is underutilized so I am not hunting for a space.

For for $200 less I get to take better care of my car and avoid most of the aggravation of the "standard" parking lot.

It's less money, and less stress. Should you have to pay MORE for a less stressful service?

Supply and demand....
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