Saturday, September 08, 2007

math monkey

Read a story in yesterday's paper about a woman who is starting an afternoon activity center for kids called Math Monkeys. Radical concept, teach kids to do math in their head. No pen, no paper NO CALCULATOR. Wow, you mean like my grandparents learned? You mean like kids in undeveloped countries learn? You mean like making kids think and use their brains for more than synapse to push buttons on a remote or jiggle a joystick?

Wow, teach kids to use their minds? And only charge their parents $169 for a 4 - 6 week session?

Strange how people can make money from things we used to do for free.

have you taken 30 minutes and visited this location? I can be sure that you were not taught the methods they teach in their classes. Do your research... you will be amazed.. my 2nd grader is doing double digit multiplication in his head... can you?
I have I visited this place? nope. I work for a living and I also do volunteer work for my church which involves almost as much time as a full time job.
Do I do double digit math calculations in my head? Yes, but not by any means that a teacher would count as correct. I times the number by a second 2 digit number that is closest to something I know, then subtract the original number. Complicated but it works.
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