Thursday, November 22, 2007

national gluttony day

We are supposed to be thankful today for all we have received, and I truely am. Are you?

I am thankful for the help of friends and parishioners to feed more than 150 families who had nothing to celebrate with. I am thankful for those who gave of their time and treasure to make other people understand that Godhasn't forgotten them or their needs.

Special thanks for Benjamin whose mother Caroline , a dear friend, drove far from his own neighborhood so they could help at a church to which he and his family do not attend. God will bless him and his family especially for his willingness to help others in need.

But on another hand...

Some tv announcer/newscaster went on last night saying that Thanksgiving was the only national holiday that was not commercialized.

NOT commercialized?

Then what do you call the endless commercials for food and food stores and dessert items that we've been blasted with since Halloween?

As much as Christmas has become a holiday of greed and gimme, gimme, gimme Thanksgiving has become the holiday of nationally sanctioned gluttony.

And yet people in the United States, maybe in your own neighborhood, go hungry.

Happy Thanksgiving

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