Saturday, November 17, 2007

saying prayers and refrigerators

Do you ever wonder how many Americans have two refrigerators?


When so many have none, others - myself included - have two. Why? To hold the stuff we can't fit into the main fridge. Ours is in the laundry room but many people have it in the basement or the garage.

Mine holds the extra juices, and the back up milk, and eggs. It also takes the beer and cold soda.

It holds the "extra" stuff we all buy for Thanksgiving, the desserts, the pickels and extra stuff like cranberry sauce, and later the leftovers that we can't stuff into the kitchen fridge.

And yet, there are families who have one refrigerator and can't even fill it with basic food on a daily basis.

Maybe because I see more people in need during Thanksgiving I start to appreciate what I have in that extra refrigerator. I take my lunch to work, usually from the stuff in the laundry room fridge, and instead of being annoyed that's it's not what I feel like eating I find myself saying a prayer to thank God that I have it.

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