Sunday, December 16, 2007

stupid people crawl out of their holes

Have you been Christmas shopping yet?

If you haven't be forwarned. People are taking stupid pills.

In line at a retail store yesterday a kid waited in line with his friend for about 20 min (he was directly in front of me) and when he got to the register he asked about a price on something but only AFTER the clerk had rung up 90% of his merchandise. Then he didn't believe her explaination so he left.

That's right, LEFT - walked away - no comment - no explaination. Just counted what money he had and because it was apparently insufficent for his needs he just LEFT. So that left the poor cashier in a bind, she had to clear the purchases before helping anyone else (oh and I did I mention the line was closed 2 customers after me because she was about to go on break?)

Wouldn't you think the guy would have asked a question BEFORE the cashier began ringing up the purchases?

Now don't even get me started on the idiots on the road, which in Miami are pretty bad on a normal day, but on top of being normal idiots they have taken the stupid pill and are now STUPID idiots. Ladies (and I use the term loosely) driving SUV's (stupid useless vehicles), with kids in the front seat (a legal no no) and taking on the cell phone honking at ME because I have the right of way but THEY want to go. ARGGGGGGGGG!!!!

Can we say, Bah humbug?

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