Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eh, what did you say?

It simply amazes me that people are afraid of quiet.

There is noise everywhere. I don't mean normal noise. I mean intentionally created noise.

Stupid cell phone ring tones, stupid and oftern inaudible answering machine messages, noise in restaurants, noise in elevators - oh sure some people call it music, but it's still noise. Nothing is quiet anymore.

Worse yet is the young people who attach headphones to htier head, just to they can block out the world and be in their own space...creating a selfish little world and destroying in the process the small cillia in the ears that aid in hearing. It's not just teens, but younger children plug in to iPods, and other video games that make booming noises and screeches and bangs.

There is constant sound being thrown at us, whether we want it or not, and because it is something we can't control in public places, we put up with it.

But what's to happen in 30 years when the children of this noisey generation can't hear because of the birrage of noise now? Will hearing aids be as normal as glasses once were? Now they can "fix" the eyes so that glasses are no longer necessary. And the eyes were things that for the most part were not damaged by the user. But we are damaging our hearing every single day by not being able to live with quiet.

Even what was once considered a quiet haven - the libraries and churches - have become places of social gathering or technology laden rooms with background buzzing so much a part of the normal day that it's hardly noticible.

Hey, let's stop this.

Let's hear it for SILENCE,

or is that let's NOT hear it?

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