Wednesday, January 16, 2008


There is something wrong with our psyche in America.

We think we have a democratically elected president in this country.

We are wrong.

Citizens vote to elect "delegates" to a political party convention in a primary election. In a general election citizens vote so that delegates to the electoral college can vote for the president.

So, technically, we have given control of our country to represenatives of a political party, or the electoral college to supposedly protect our interest. But there is nothing that says the MUST. I mean there is probably some paper law that says it, but what enforcement is there if delegates decide to vote for whomever they chose?

If they fail to vote as "instructed" by the voters and elect someone no citizen wanted does that mean our votes mean nothing?

Enough of this crap.

Let's get it right. Let's do it the old fashioned way.

One voice, one vote.

No delegations.

No electoral college.

One citizen. One vote. Count all valid votes, no dead man voting please, and let EVERY vote count.

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