Sunday, January 13, 2008

entertain me


Why do we all feel this urge to be entertained?

Someone on a list I am on was complaining that she finds exercise boring because she isn't reading or watching TV while doing it.


What makes us so selfish that we feel the need to be entertained all of the time? Are we all like 5 years olds who come to "mommy" to say, "there's nothing to do and I am bored?"

Why can't we use our brains and entertain OURSELVES? Is that such a hard thing to do?

Why can't we actually use our brains to do more than absorb the thoughts that someone else speaks or writes? Why can we use our time to quietly think things over for outselves? Are we so mentally lazy now as well as physically lazy that we want to somehow push a button and collect a thought from some preprogramed channel of life? Whatever happened to meditation and contemplation over the problems, situations, actions of our own life?

I can't understand the need to text messages, iPods, instant messaging, phone that provide TV and movie access, cars with media screens and individual music systems in the back seat. How can we expect our children to be critical thinkers if we don't give them the chance to exercise their minds and learn to think ON THEIR OWN?

This dependence on someone to entertain us will only lead us to a point where we be incapable of thinking for ourselves.....

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