Saturday, January 12, 2008

Republican spending habits

In the last 7 years the administration and the mostly Republican congress has done exactly what it was telling us NOT to do. It has been living on credit.

We have no cash to cover the cost of necessary programs, but we spend the money anyhow.

This is what is seems like to me.
The president wanted us to spend money so he "refunded" cash to us all from the surplus left to his administration by the former (Democratic Clinton administration) to make him look like he was doing something to help the middle class.

And he cut taxes.

And then he started a nice expensive war and spent money.

And spent money we didn't have.

OK, explain how fiscially responsible it is for any individual to:

a) spend the money they have in the bank, and decrease their income
b) give people they know,who already have money, MORE money
c)start something they can't afford to finance and have no idea when they are going to finish needing the money to finish it
d) buy things they can't afford using credit
e)insist that credit buying won't harm themselves or their children

Well, I think it's IRRESPONSIBLE for an individual to do that and I think it's reprehensible for our President to have run the country like that!!

I want a CASH and CARRY candidate who isn't afraid to tell the people that we can no longer afford to spend money we don't have.

I want a return to fiscal sanity. If we dont' have the money don't SPEND the money.

I want us to be able to pay our bills, not just a minimal interest payment. I want the United States of America to be able to pay down the capital of a debt that is so enormous that should our creditors, China and India, call in the "markers" we would all be homeless - or should I say countryless - because they own us.

Mortgage crisis in America? Hell there's more than a mortgage crisis in America - we ARE the mortgage crisis. We can't even claim to own what we live in anymore. Thanks to Mr. Bush our country should be in forclosure, but we are not because the emerging industrialized nations that hold our notes are afraid that if the "great" nation of The United State of America - and it's myth of prosperity - should falter then the rest of the world will follow suit. And they will start a cycle of Depression that will make the "great depression" look like the good old days.

So who out there is willing to vote not for a race, a gender or a religous belief, but vote to do the best thing overall for the American people? I don't know. But I hope there are enough to elect a leader who will no longer max out our national credit cards and elect a president who knows how to spend our money wisely.

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