Saturday, January 26, 2008

spending our refunds part 2

So once again "W" want to give us back the money that's rightfully ours, as a stimulus package so we will spend more and keep his eceonomy running. Sending the idea to congress and the idiots there are agreeing just because the stock market took a big plunge this week


It's not OUR money, we are so in debt as a nation we have no money to refund. Doesn't anybody in America understand this? The rest of the world is losing confidence in our ability to be fiscally responsible and they understand that if the USA falls, because most nations have used the US as a standard monitary measure, the rest of the world will fall as well.


So ignorning this fact - "W" proposes making more debt.

What he plans to do is give us the money our grandchildren will be paying in taxes decades from now. Yep, if we are lucky it will only take two generations to pay back the huge debt that the current administration has created, but in reality it might be our great grandchildren will will be "refunding" us this money.

My idea? previously stated but apparently no one has noticed:
If you get a check from "W" to stimulate the economy do something different with it.

Return it to Washington DC to the Department of the Treasury to PAY DOWN THE NATIONAL DEBT.

At least that way you'll know your grandchildren's, or great grandchildren's money is not being wasted.

Then maybe your great-great grandchildren can live in a debt free country.

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